create animations faster with virtual reality

✓ Quick and easy sketching with low-cost motion capture

✓ Instant motion curve editing in VR

✓ Scalable and flexible to your needs

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Swift Animation is the new way to think about motion capture

Swift Animation uses the best from both worlds and lets you do quick takes in motion capture which are then presented to you as easily editable keyframe data.

Quick and easy sketching for everyone

Animation is no longer restricted to skilled animators. With Swift Animation, anyone can put on a VR headset and start animating.

Uncompromised Production Quality

Swift Animation is completely scalable. You can start out with just the VR headset and two controllers, and later add more trackers when you want to record a detailed version of your animation.

A combined, natural workflow

Say goodbye to noise cleaning and tedious, manual micro-adjustments. With Swift Animation, your captured motion is presented to you instantly, right in front of your eyes. Making changes is as simple as reaching out with your own hands.

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Meet The Team


Mathias Dam Arvanaghi


Mathias is a software developer with a background in communications and game development. Passionate about VR and games.


Jonas Hingeberg Ruge


Jonas is a mood booster and a skilled programmer. He is a jack of all trades with a special passion for shader magic.


Thomas Weppler


Thomas is a business developer who handles the business end of things. He loves all kinds of games, from the board kind to video games to niche table top roleplaying games


Mathias Bastholm

Software Developer

Mathias is a software developer who lives and breathes code. In his spare times he plays Dungeons & Dragons and listens to death metal.

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