Sidetracked: Creative VR tools

The new way to create 3D content for games

✓ We make sketching of 3D content accessible to everyone on the production team

✓ Creating polished 3D content is quicker compared to traditional 3D software.

✓ Making Virtual Reality content in Virtual Reality is much easier than on a flat monitor

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Coming Soon to a VR Headset Near You

We are a small company in Copenhagen who are working hard on making a new generation of creative tools.

Accessible 3D Sketching

Our tools can be used by anyone in the production team to communicate their ideas to the rest of the team, regardless of their experience with 3D content.

Uncompromised Production Quality

Create 3D content quicker than current solutions, without compromising the quality of the outcome.

3D Input For 3D Content

We believe that 3 dimensional content should be created with 3 dimensions of freedom. Not with a keyboard and mouse, which is the standard today.

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Getting settled at our new office

We’re setting up at our new office at Univate SC1, Symbion’s latest office location. We’re the first to move in, and they wrote an article about our VR Start up. You can read it on Symbion’s blog. Feel free to drop in for a tour, if you’re nearby! Læs på dansk her

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We're funded!

In December we closed a deal with Borean Innovation who bought a chunk of Sidetracked in exchange for money to develop the first version of our 3D tools. We’re really excited to start developing. You can follow us on Twitter, where we’ll tweet updates on our development progress. Read more in the article written about us here.

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Meet The Team


Mathias Dam Arvanaghi


Mathias is a software developer with a background in communications and game development. Passionate about VR and games.


Jonas Hingeberg Ruge


Jonas is a mood booster and a skilled programmer. He is a jack of all trades with a special passion for shader magic.

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Phone: +45 53 74 12 30